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Frequently Asked Questions about Activity Groups

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and our support team will be happy to find the answer for you.

What should I bring to an activity group? 

Yourself, your baby and anything your baby needs to meet his daily needs! We will provide clean toys (unless the activity group requests a specific object from your home), baby friendly mats, low and natural lighting.

We ask that siblings please stay home so that we can maintain a small group atmosphere. 

What can I expect at an activity group session?

These sssions are meant to be fun and interactive. Sessions will typically include a movement or music based activity, play based activities that target motor and speech-language skills, opportunity for parents to share their NICU stories or seek guidance and more. Some sessions may include a make an take activity that is tailored to the NICU Grad family. 

My baby has a feeding tube. Can we still attend the activity groups?

One of our primary goals at AZ NICU Grads is to provide a safe, nurturing space for families with unique needs. Our therapists are very experienced with supporting babies who have an NGtube or Gtube and adapting activities to support them. We encourage you to have your feeding supplies so you can run a feeding if needed.   

My baby is very sensitive to sounds and lights. They startle easily. Can we still attend the activity groups?

Absolutely! Our sessions are designed to support the sensitive sensory system that many of our NICU grads have. Our activities are created with this in mind. We will also support you with activities you can do at home between groups to help your baby ease into these group settings.  

I have twins or triplets. Do you have payment packages for us?

Please contact us to discuss your family's individual case and options that may be available

What is your cancellation or no-show policy?

If you or your baby are not feeling, please stay home and let us know so we can issue you a credit. We understand that the first year of a NICU grad's life is sensitive. This is one of the reasons why we keep our activity group numbers low and prioritize a clean and healthy environment to play with others. Credits can be used towards another class in the future. 

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